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Many lenders offer cash loans up to $8000. The difference with Wallet Wizard is that besides awesome features like a simple application process, quick decisions and fast access to cash, you get better value than with others.

Here’s a direct comparison with one of our competitors for the cost (fees, charges and interest) of a $1500 loan repaid over a period of 9 fortnights. With Wallet Wizard you save more than $450!

Pay 76% less with Wallet Wizard

*Nimble is a small amount credit contract. Wallet Wizard is a continuing credit contract. The comparison is true only for the example given and assumes no default. A comparison based on different terms, fees, amounts, and other lenders may produce a different result. The comparison was made with data available at on 11 June 2024.

No upfront or ongoing fees, just pay interest on the unpaid balance

With our simple approach you always know what you are being charged.

Other lenders charge large upfront establishment fees and monthly fees calculated as a percentage of the original amount borrowed. With Wallet Wizard you only pay interest on the amount outstanding.